Boat Washing (10-Hr)

For 10-hour racers bringing their own boats.

In an effort to safeguard against invasive species, the Glen Lake Invasive Species Control Program is requiring that either:

A) participants have their boats and paddles washed and inspected by the Glen Lake Association boat wash station located at the MDNR launch ramp on the northeast side of Little Glen Lake on West Day Forest Rd. or

B) assure with officials at registration that their watercraft and equipment have not been in another body of water for 10 or more days or

C) their watercraft and equipment have been power washed with hot water.

A sticker for your boat will be given to participants upon the completion of the wash, or at boat staging if an assurance can be made that the boat is invasive species free per A) or B) above. This will allow boats to enter the race event site. We will email you the location of the staging area a day or two before the race. It is within 15 minutes of the start/finish.

The boat wash will be open on Friday (and every day), September 16, from 6 am to 7 pm. The boat wash will also be open at 6 am on race day so that you have time to get it washed and staged before the start of the race. We recommend the Friday wash so Saturday is not so rushed.  NOTE: There will be NO OPPORTUNITY to approve or clean equipment after that time, so do not be late. IF YOU FAIL TO OBTAIN YOUR STICKER YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO USE THAT EQUIPMENT IN THE RACE. To prevent transporting invasive species elsewhere, please return to the boat wash station after the race or dry your kayak/SUP for 10 days before putting it into another body of water.