preliminary results

Race Recap One reason adventure racing is so special is that so few people have the interest and the ability to do what you did yesterday. Awesome job out there. You’re part of a small club and while the sport seems like it’s hanging on by a thread at times, rare things generate great value. Seems like we’re on a roll in Michigan again so thanks for your support. Let’s keep helping people see the value (but perhaps keep the bee attack stories to a minimum!).

If you raced for the first time (37 of you!!) or for the first or second time in a longer race (47 of you started thru one of our sprint races) and it ended up being a tough day, stick with it and you’ll find yourself getting faster and making the right decisions more and more. Ask other racers for ideas, search online for tips, try a permanent orienteering course (, download a topo app (e.g., Terrain Navigator Pro) and just walk through the woods with it, matching reality to the online map.

A Big Thanks to:

Great job everyone. Here are the preliminary results. If there are significant errors, please email me before August 12 or we’ll consider results final. Split times to come as well. If you finished top three in co-ed or first in solo or three-person, male and female, and weren’t there to claim your prize, please email me. And for those who missed the cut-off, don’t let that take away from the accomplishment of the day.

Please take a minute to fill out our survey to help us improve future races.Lost and Found
Here are the found items. We also have two black Old Towne paddles, a yellow Caviness, and a white paddle. We can discuss how to get them to you depending on where you live. We can deliver small items to Gazelle Sports GR, Holland, Kzoo and Northville or send me a pre-paid mailer so I can mail your item back.

Race Shirts
We have a few shirts left. We can leave them at a Gazelle Sports store once we get a check from you for $5 each. Or, mail me a postage-paid envelope. Email me if interested.

To come.

Upcoming Michigan Adventure Races

  • Michigan Adventure Race: ArtPrize Edition. Oct. 10. Up to 4 hours. The most unique adventure race around through the largest public art competition in the world. Mostly urban racing with pockets of quasi-wilderness. On foot downtown through ArtPrize venues and other cool spots with biking away from the ArtPrize crowds and mostly with bike lanes. 500 racers expected so prepare yourself for a bit less solitude. Downtown Grand Rapids.
  • Dirty Duel trail race, presented by Merrell. Nov. 14. Pick from the Short & Brutal 5K or the Long & Difficult 6K. Join over 600 runners and conquer tough trails and tougher off-trail mayhem. Robinette’s Apple Haus, Grand Rapids.

Other Upcoming Races

  • Thunder Rolls. Aug. 22. 12 or 24 hour options in NW Illinois. Just five hours from Grand Rapids. Several teams from Michigan going.
  • Infiterra Sports Lucky 21. Sept. 11-12, 21 hours. We’ll be there racing; join us at the only 20-hour + race in the state.

Thanks again for racing with us!

Mark, for Greg, Matt and Brian