Results & Recap

Thanks for racing with us Saturday!

Here are the results. If you think we made an error, please let us know.

7-Hour Results
12-Hour Results
12-Hour Splits (thanks to Andy Brown for inputting the data)

Congratulations on your great performance yesterday. Not many people are willing to tackle a race that requires you to use your brain and body throughout. No sport demands so much. Hopefully you took away some good memories and bonded well with your teammate (or yourself!). A special nod to those who did their first adventure race – you certainly picked a hot day for your maiden voyage! Whether you were a seasoned racer or first-timer, hopefully you had a good experience and will continue to challenge yourself with navigation-based races, unique from all other sports.

Look up results here. Please email me by tomorrow if you think there’s a significant error and I’ll dive into the passport pile to check it out. If you finished 1st or 2nd in your division (7-hour men went 3 deep, 7-hour coed went 5 deep) but were not around to get your prize, email me.

A special word of thanks to all the Good Samaritans out there. I heard several stories of people stopping to help other people. Sorry I don’t recall them all but thanks to the Young and the Ruthless (Edwards and Herman) for helping out The Temps (she’s doing well) and What? (the Colliers) for helping Team Chocolate Milk who did end up racing right up til the end. When you do an adventure race, you’re bound to have an “adventure” now and then and it’s good to know that this race brings out the best in people. Or that the best people are brought out by the race. Some of both I think.

The photos are in already! Thanks to Rob Meendering Photography for making you guys look a lot better than you smelled. Support Rob and buy a pic off his website if you really like one. A great way to capture the day.

If you struggled out there, please try again. Part of what’s great about adventure racing is how much you learn every race. It’s so satisfying to come back from a rough race with a strong, efficient performance, especially one that results from fixing past mistakes and using your brain (crushing it physically is pretty satisfying too). Start with reviewing your route and noting areas where you made mistakes. Brainstorm with your teammate where you went wrong. Create a race “diary” to capture learnings. 

Check out our Tips page online. Also make sure you review our Navigation 101/201 clinic presentation if you haven’t. It includes compass and topo map tips, but also lists way you can practice those in real life. One great way is to download the free Terrain Navigator Pro app (iphone link here; also available on Android I believe). You can then hike through the woods in any public area and see how the topo map looks compared to the real terrain, plotting CPs and creating practice courses.

Thanks to:

  • Our volunteers. Not an exactly an army out there, but because the race was linear, they could leapfrog from one task to another. They were impressive.
  • Our great sponsors who gave us so many prizes that everyone who stuck around received one, over 125 in all: U Rent Em Canoe, Spectrum Health Pennock Hospital, Gazelle Sports, City of Hastings, Hastings Ace Hardware, Bill & Paul’s Sporthaus, Salomon, West Michigan Bike & Fitness, Switchback Gear Exchange, Tim Parks, Rob Meendering Photography, Zanfel, Walldorff Brewpub, Seasonal Grille, Kloosterman’s Sports Tab and Curley Cone.

Consider supporting these organizations and letting them know you appreciate their support of the race.

Lost & Found
Email me if any of these are yours. Click on photo for better view.

Please complete our 2-minute survey. This survey helps us improve our races – I read and consider every comment.

Michigan Adventure Race: ArtPrize Edition
Now every other year since ArtPrize has switched to every other year. Race it now or wait til 2020.

  • Great way to introduce someone to adventure racing.
  • This one has Amazing Race challenges – adding a little mental or physical challenge or both (e.g., rock stacking, tennis ball launching, mini-scavenger hunts, not too hard word puzzles). Some challenges tied to ArtPrize exhibits or venues.
  • Teams of 2 or 3. Four hours. Downtown Grand Rapids.

Our Other 2018 Races

  • Sept. 15  Lord of the Springs Singletrack + Gravel Bike Race, Yankee Springs, Middleville
  • Nov. 10  Dirty Duel trail race, 5K vs. 6K, Robinette’s, Grand Rapids

Also try the Legend of the Dogman 8 or 18-hour orienteering event in Waterloo & Pinckney Rec Areas.

2019 Save the Date Races

  • January 19, 2019: Michigan Adventure Race: Winter Edition, 3 hours, Rockford
  • June 1, 2019  Michigan Adventure Race: Silver Lake Edition, 7-8 hours

Thanks again for racing with us!

Mark for Greg