2020 Winter

This was about the only sad face we saw out there so we hope you had a fun race! Your navigation skills, speed and mental sharpness were impressive but your effort, courage, smiles, chillness teamwork and appreciation made the day. A special congratulations to the first-time racers! And thanks to all of you who keep coming back race after race. We need both fresh faces and veterans to keep this good thing going.

Here are the final results. Congrats to all the top finishers and everyone who had the courage to do this! Please email me by Monday if you think there’s a significant error and I’ll dive into the passport pile to check it out.

Post-Race Survey
Consider taking the post-race survey to share your feedback and help us make the race better.

Thanks to:

If you struggled out there, start with reviewing your route and noting areas where you made mistakes. Brainstorm with your teammate where you went wrong. Ask other teams you know or on facebook (or me) what they did different. Here’s a copy of the race map and instructions if yours is shredded.

Check out our Tips page online. Also make sure you review our Navigation 101/201 clinic presentation if you haven’t. It includes compass and topo map tips, but also lists way you can practice those in real life. One great way is to download the free Terrain Navigator Pro app (iphone link here; also available on Android I believe). You can then hike through the woods in any public area and see how the topo map looks compared to the real terrain, plotting CPs and creating practice courses. 

Race Photos
Thanks to Jamie Geysbeek Photography for the race photos.The first batch is now on our Facebook page and more will come via Flickr down the road, where you’ll be able to download hi-res versions right from the Flickr feed! Thanks Jamie for providing this at no charge.

Lost & Found
We have a knit hat, brown sunglasses and a couple of shoe traction devices. Email me if you are missing something.

What’s Next?
The Michigan Adventure Race: Cannonsburg is June 13! Adventure and wilderness in a slightly more urban setting. Explore the wilds east of Grand Rapids by canoe, bike and on foot, navigating by map and compass. Choose from the easily doable 6-7 hour beginner/intermediate race or the more challenging 12 hour race with as many as 6 orienteering areas. Teams of 1-4. We’ll celebrate with a tasty taco bar, awards, and raffle.

Get some great navigation practice for our adventure races at Lost Arrow Sports navigation-based events, held at various venues between Lansing and Detroit, and the Nitrogaine nighttime orienteering race.

Such a fun day with a truly classy group of people. Hope to see you at Hurt the Dirt trail races or the Cannonsburg Edition!

Mark, for Greg

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