2019 Traverse City

Race Recap
We hope you had an amazing time this weekend. Some of you took away a top prize. Others not so much. But we hope everyone took away great memories with friends and family, a sense of achievement and a wonder at the creation around us. Those are the things that last.. A special congrats to all the first-time racers – it takes courage to try this sport! If you struggled out there, join our Facebook community page and ask the group what you struggled with. You’ll get lots of good ideas and advice.

Curious to see where the 18-hour racers explored? Follow one racer’s route here. Use the 150x speed.

Preliminary Results
These results should be accurate for the vast majority of you but if you can’t find your team or there’s a major error, please email me.

18-Hour Preliminary Results
7-Hour Preliminary Resuts

Thanks again to our awesome sponsors and volunteers! Please support our sponsors when possible and thank them for their support of our races and adventure racing! They include Gazelle Sports, Bill & Paul’s Sporthaus, West Michigan Bike & Fitness, Jamie Geysbeek Photography, Tim Parks Promotional Apparel and Zanfel. Thanks also to Greilick Outdoor Recreation Center and the Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association.

Please take one or two minutes to complete our 3-question survey which helps us make races better.

7-hour Survey
18-hour Survey

More photos to come on our Flickr photo page. We’ll let you know by Facebook (and maybe email if we have other things worth sharing) when they are up.

Lost & Found
Email me if you lost anything. I have a hat with a bicycle on it, two sunglasses, Silva sighting compass, and a sleeping bag in the woods near the paddle in case you lost one while camping.

What’s Next?
Our next adventure race is the Winter Edition on January 25 at Camp Roger in Rockford/Grand Rapids. Just 3 hours, great navigation practice, fun Amazing Race-like challenges, hot chili afterwards. Great way to introduce a friend to AR. Registration to open by next month. Save the Date. The Cannonsburg Edition east of Grand Rapids will be June 13 next year. 5-6 and 12-18 hours.

If you like to bike, we have a 9-mile gravel road race and a 37-mile and 24-mile mountain/gravel race at Lord of the Springs on September 15. Near Middleville and Yankee Springs Rec Area.

If you like to run, especially off-trail, try our Dirty Duel 5K/6K at Robinette’s Apple Haus on Nov. 9. Possibly the most difficult short trail race you’ll ever do. Donuts, hot applesauce and cider after the race.

Need more AR before winter? Check out the Fall Challenge, 2, 4, and 6-hour adventure races in the Pontiac Lake Rec Area from Lost Arrow Sports.

Thanks again for racing!