2014 Lake MI Results & Recap

Final Results


Congrats to all of you for tackling a challenging course. We threw a LOT of miles at you, not to mention some tough challenges. If you were unranked or lowered in the standings due to penalty minutes, don’t let that diminish your effort and experience.

Race Recap
What a great day racing along Lake Michigan and in the nearby bayous. Thank you for taking on such a challenge and maintaining such cool attitudes along the way. We hope you’ll come back and try another, whether it’s the next step up – Epic Edition – or super fun ArtPrize Edition. Adventure racing is one of the least known sports in the world but tests mental strength, physical strength, strategy and teamwork like no other sport… and still manages to be really fun. I can’t think of any sport that does this so well.

Thanks to: 

  • The fantastic volunteers including the team from 20 Liters. Money raised for 20 Liters by you at the Charity Challenge and from race profits will help Rwandans get clean water and easier access to it. Special thanks also to West Michigan Search and Rescue for support at the paddle challenges.
  • Our sponsors: Tecnu, Gazelle Sports, Eyedentity Optical Boutique, EcoTrek Fitness Whole Food Bars, Bill & Paul’s Sporthaus, Let Us Serve You Design/Build, West Michigan Bike & Fitness, and AlignLife Chiropractic. If you buy from them, tell them their sponsorship of the race is worth it. Also thanks to Jamie Geysbeek Photography and Smith Tech Photography. Once they tag all their photos, Smith Tech will email you if you were in any of them.

Please complete our 2-minute survey. This helps us improve our races and plan for the future. We look at every comment.Shirts
We have a few shirts left at these sizes: Ladies M, L and Men’s S, L, XL, 2XL. We can leave them at a Gazelle Sports store in GR, Holland or Kzoo once we get a check for you. $12 each or 2 for $20. Email me for details. We also have shirts from the ArtPrize Edition, Dirty Duel, the Winter Edition, and some XS from Hurt the Dirt.Uh-oh
Several complaints were lodged on Grand Haven social media about what Grand Haven residents and others felt was reckless biking during the race by some participants. One non-racing biker was injured and his bike was damaged. This puts us at risk of racing in Grand Haven again as our permits could likely be denied. The only viable solution is for those who were biking too aggressively to shift from a win-first focus to a safety-first focus. If aggressive biking continues, we could be shut out of other cities or in the case of ArtPrize, the City of Grand Rapids would likely restrict us to running only, if any event allowed at all.The other issue was running out of side dishes. We ordered a 1/3 of a pound of sides per person (almost $1,000 worth) but unfortunately some people took about a pound each. If we offer this type of lunch in the future, we’ll serve you to ensure that people at the back of the line get the same food as those in front of the line. If you were a non-pork eating person and you did not get either side dish, please email me and I’ll send you something to hopefully make up a bit for not providing you what was promised as part of your entry fee.Photos
Those shown are from Jamie Geysbeek Photography. See 40 more at our new Flicker photostream. We’ll add a larger batch later so stay tuned to Facebook. Smith Tech Photography will also have photos. They will email you directly if you were in a photo. You can buy these photos.

A few weeks ago I almost stepped on an Eastern Massasauga rattlesnake in Hoffmaster, right where I was about to have a checkpoint. I moved the checkpoint! These guys are rarely seen and not aggressive so we decided not to tell you before the race. Didn’t want to freak out those of you who get the willies around snakes, especially the only venomous snake in Michigan!

Lost & Found
If you are missing an item, email me. I’ll leave items in the Found box at Gazelle Sports Grand Rapids. Email me if you found a cell phone. Found: bike computer, sunglasses, watch, Kalamazoo Soccer shirt, Iron Girl headband, white towel.

Championship Point Series
This was race two of three in our Championship Point Series. Top 5 finishers in each division earned points on their way toward prizes (including cash) to the overall series winner in each division. See how things shook out after race two. Updated points leaders

What’s Next
Epic Edition. This is our first longer traditional race that includes no challenges. In some ways the race is easier: the maps are easier to read, the pace is a bit slower, there’s little traffic or pedestrians to dodge. Of course the 8-hour duration, longer paddle and lots more orienteering will make it challenging. Solos, two-person and four-person teams. Aug. 2. Ada (just east of Grand Rapids and on the edge of all kinds of awesome biking, paddling and orienteering).

ArtPrize Edition. If the Epic is too much for you or you just have to have those challenges, registration is now open for the 4-hour ArtPrize Edition, the only adventure race-art festival/competition mash-up in existence. Sept. 27. Downtown Grand Rapids.

Thanks again for racing!

Mark, for Greg, Matt, Brian

Our Upcoming Races
Aug. 2 Grand Rapids Adventure Race: Epic Edition, 8 hours, Ada
Sept. 27  Grand Rapids Urban Adventure Race: ArtPrize Edition, 4 hours, downtown Grand Rapids
Oct. 25  The Zombie Dash, 5K, sunset, downtown Grand Rapids
Nov. 15 Dirty Duel trail race, 5K vs. 6K, Robinette’s, Grand Rapids

Other Great Races to Try
Switchback Endurance Dirty Burg trail race, 5, 10, 20 and 50K. July 12. Also check out their off-road triathlon at Yankee Springs State Rec Area in November.
Eat Dirt Mud Run (formerly Grand Rapids Mud Run). 5K. Aug. 23, Grand Rapids. Support the Eat Dirt Mud Run vs. national races so your money stays in the local economy!
Infiterra Sports Adventure Rage. 24 hours. Sept. 12-14, northern Michigan. Night racing is awesome. We’ll help you get ready. Give one a try.