2020 Cannonsburg Edition Results & Recap

Race Recap
It may hurt now, but we hope that you’ll look back and be proud of your willingness to challenge yourself physically and mentally, to battle the dreaded 3Hs – heat, humidity and hills. 99% of people will never do a race like this. Some of you took away a top prize. Others not so much. But we hope everyone took away great memories with friends and family and a sense of achievement. Those are the things that last. And we hope you learned something to help you improve next time. Often, that’s as simple as the “cut bait” strategy – to manage your time and be willing to let go of obtaining some checkpoints in order to make it back by the deadline. 90% of racers have asked us to design race courses that can’t be finished by most so that there’s strategy in figuring out what you can get and what you simply can’t.

A special congrats to all the first-time racers – it takes courage to try this sport! If you struggled out there, join our Facebook community page and ask the group what you struggled with. You’ll get lots of good ideas and advice.

4-Hour Divisions
7-Hour Divisions
12-Hour Divisions

Thanks again to our awesome sponsors and volunteers! Please support our sponsors when possible and thank them for their support of our races and adventure racing! They include Gazelle Sports, Bill & Paul’s Sporthaus, West Michigan Bike & Fitness, Founders Brewing Co., Jamie Geysbeek Photography, Tim Parks Promotional Apparel and Zanfel. Thanks also to Camp Anew and Cannonsburg.

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More photos to come on our Flickr photo page. We’ll let you know by Facebook (and maybe email if we have other things worth sharing) when they are up.

Lost & Found
Email me if you lost anything.

Race Trek Maps
4 hour Cannonsburg trek
4+7+12 hour Seidman Park
7+12 hour Fallasburg Park
12 hour Lowell Regional Greenspace
12 hour Cascade Peace Park

What’s Next?
Need more AR before winter? Sign up by end of day tomorrow to save $ for the September 12 Get Your Bearings adventure race in Brighton from Lost Arrow Sports.

Check out our 2021 adventure races including the Winter Edition and Ludington Edition adventure races. We may also be at Muskegon State Park.

The Eco Challenge & $100 Race Entry Raffle
The World’s Toughest Race – The Eco Challenge is now on Amazon Prime! Please consider telling your friends and get them excited about trying out adventure racing. Unfortunately lack of awareness, intimidation with using a compass and getting lost, etc., make it challenging for AR to grow. In fact many races and race organizations have folded. We’re grateful to have the largest adventure racing community in the U.S. and I’m so grateful for all of you and your support. But even here, our races have lost a lot of racers over the past few years. Now’s the time for AR to rebound and return the sport to healthy status with more races to choose from, lower entry fees, more energy, especially elsewhere in the U.S. You can help with this!

To help increase awareness of AR, we will hold a raffle in late August/early September for a race entry (max. $100 credit) for one of our 2021 adventure races. To be eligible, you need to share/post all three of the articles in the Sleepmonster series below over the next few weeks in your primary social media news feed along with a mention of the Eco Challenge on Prime (and of course you can mention Michigan Adventure Race if you want). In one or more posts, it would be great if you would say a little about why you like adventure racing or something personal to get them to ask some follow-up questions and consider trying one.
Part 1 Just What is Adventure Racing?
Part 2 Answers to Common Questions about Adventure Racing
Part 3 Eight Ways AR is Different from (and Better Than) Other Sports

Once again, congratulations on showing up and persevering in challenging conditions!

Mark and Greg