2018 ArtPrize Edition

Thanks so much for racing with us today. We were impressed with your great effort and attitudes and so grateful that you all got to race with all the severe storms staying just to our south.

Congrats to all of you for completing a race with so many different types of challenges over a four-hour period. And kudos to the top finishing teams. Here are the preliminary results. Holler if you see an error. Contact me if you missed the awards ceremony and I’ll mail you one of our remaining gift cards.

2-person co-ed
2-person females
2-person males
3-person co-ed/males
3-person females

Thanks as well to all the volunteers (special kudos to Lisa, Chip and Don), our generous sponsors (I believe everyone who stuck around won a raffle prize) and 20 Liters. They really appreciated your generosity at the charity challenge.

I may send some more recap info later (friends in town so I went straight to ArtPrize tour guide from the race – I’m about all ArtPrized out!) but wanted to share preliminary results for those of you eager to see how you placed.

Thanks to Jamie Geysbeek Photography for the great shots. Many more now on our Facebook page.

I posted on Facebook that the plan was for this to be the last ArtPrize Edition due to my workload and the fact this is the only one of our eight races with a decrease in participation (350 last year; just 250 this year). But maybe a two year (to coincide with ArtPrize’s switch to every other year) or four year wait will see some pent up demand and more normal workweeks for me so we’ll play it by ear. We know so many of you love this race because there’s nothing like it.

Hope to see you at the Dirty Duel trail race (11/10) or Winter Edition (1/19). Here’s a list of our 2019 races. Plan ahead!

You are good people.

Mark, for Greg

P.S.: thanks for some grace when I botched the Homewood Suites checkpoint location on the map. 🙂