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Make Your Mountain Bike Faster

1. MOST BENEFICIAL: Switch tires to a semi-slick tread pattern (less pronounced knobs), depending on your experience and the difficulty and slickness of the trails you will be on. Ask your local bike shop what they recommend (West Michigan Bike & Fitness is great if one is near you)

2. Inflate tires to the maximum pressure allowed (easy)

3. Lock out your front shock if you have that feature (easy)

4. Get clip in pedals and shoes (good tip for any bike)

5. Move your seat forward and flip your handlebar stem upside down (get help doing this if needed) for a more aerodynamic posture. (probably not worth it)

6. Set up a bike tow system if one of you needs some help at times. This can be a HUGE time-saver if one of you bonks. It also can be dangerous to be tied together. Requires practice and caution, including “un-tying” on the fly which can result in the leash getting caught in the spokes of the “lead dog.”

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