Putting on a Navigation/AR Clinic

Resources for Putting on Your Own Navigation/Adventure Racing Clinic

  • Adventure Racing-Navigation 101 Clinic 2023 (includes slides on adventure racing basics)
    • Consider asking racers what they want help with and add topics such as gear choices, mountain bike and paddling tips, nutrition, team dynamics
  • Creating a practice topographic map with pre-plotted checkpoints. Find maps at CalTopo, USGS or other online sites. Make sure you plot your checkpoints accurately by downloading a free app such as Terrain Navigator Pro on your phone.
  • Media Tips & Template to promote clinic
  • Media Release Template
  • Registration, communication: A Facebook Event page works well or similar online event sign-up site (which has the advantage of capturing email addresses and online waivers)
  • Selecting a venue: a public area such as city or county park with defined terrain (hilltops, reentrants/gullies, spurs, etc.) is ideal but any area will work for basic taking a bearing practice. Indoor clinics are also ok when outdoor venue is not available
  • Permissions, legal:
    • Make sure you get permission from the landowner of the venue if your clinic will be an organized, publicly promoted event.
    • If outdoors, consider putting on the clinic through an organization like a local outdoor gear store to limit personal liability
    • If you decide to put on the clinic (or a race) on your own, consider creating a one-person limited liability corporation and having basic liability insurance along with a waiver… or limit your clinic to people you know.