Clinic and Compass Education

Where do I begin? A good start to learning about adventure racing and navigation/orienteering is to attend a clinic. If you can’t find one in your area, then start with online education. Lots of resources on the web or click on one of the presentations below and blog posts (right side) and teach yourself. It’s not difficult, although we definitely recommend practicing a few times before the race, even just in your neighborhood using a Google Maps printout with a few checkpoints drawn on it so you can learn how to get a bearing with a compass. Questions? Ask our experienced racers in our Facebook community group or e-mail me.

For those of you attending an upcoming clinic, here is what you’ll want to print out (you can follow along with the presentation on your phone to safe paper, but please print the waiver and map if possible).

Navigation Clinic (please print the following materials)

Other Sources