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Navigation Lesson #10: Night Orienteering

Night orienteering. Intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it, flowing through an orienteering course at night is thrilling. It’s where your team will be most challenged in a race and where it’s most critical you work together. Go safe and simple. Sometimes in the daytime you can get away with running … Read More

Make Your Mountain Bike Faster

1. MOST BENEFICIAL: Switch tires to a semi-slick tread pattern (less pronounced knobs), depending on your experience and the difficulty and slickness of the trails you will be on. Wider tires don’t slow you down, but heavy, knobby tires will. Ask your local bike shop what they recommend. 2. Inflate tires to a higher tire … Read More

Bike tow system

The #2 way (behind navigation) my team increased speed during adventure races over the past few years has been to set up a tow system on our bikes. We use it on races with significant road and two-track biking. My wife still bikes hard, but I’m able to give her a much needed pull up … Read More

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