Cannonsburg Orienteering

What’s orienteering? Orienteering is using a map and compass to navigate your way from one place to another. An orienteering race has checkpoints pre-plotted on the map and racers must get as many as they can in a set time.

Where? Cannonsburg Ski Area

When? Saturday, ____ (fall colors hopefully!). Race on your own format. Sign up for a time slot and arrive and participate anytime during that time so we keep group size below 100.

How long do I have? You have up to X hours to get as many checkpoints as you can. You must return within that time. You must be back within 1 hour or we’ll subtract 1 checkpoint from your total if you are 1 second to 2 minutes late, another checkpoint if you are 2-5 minutes late and another for 5-10 minutes late, and so on at 5 minute intervals.

What’s the cost? $x per person. Kids 14 and under are $x. To keep costs down, we are not printing shirts or offering finisher prizes. This is about challenging yourself, having fun and enjoying the great outdoors.

How do I sign up?  Sign up here.

How does it work?

  1. When you check in, we’ll give you a map of the trails at Pickerel Lake with several hidden checkpoints shown on the map.
  2. You’ll plot the fastest route to get as many checkpoints as you can in the allotted time.
  3. We’ll start the clock and you’re off on your run/hike/walk. No large group start or finish to keep everyone safe and abide by current State of MI limitations on outdoor group size.
  4. Follow the map to the checkpoints by using a combination of trails and off-trail “bushwhacking”. Write down the letter on the flag, corresponding to the checkpoint.
  5. Capture as many checkpoints as you can in the allotted time. Don’t get too greedy – you must be back in time!
  6. We’ll report out the results within a day or two of the event.

How long is the distance to get all the checkpoints? If you get all the checkpoints, you will have run about x miles. The terrain is almost all on dirt and quite hilly.

Are there aid stations? We’ll have water and Gatorade at the start/finish but bring your own fluids and food if you need them out on the trail.

What’s next? If you enjoy orienteering, the next step is to try an adventure race (with biking and paddling).