Required Gear

Required Per Person

  • Bicycle*. Mountain, cyclocross or road bike. There will likely be some gravel/dirt roads and two-tracks. We will allow tandems but they not eligible for prizes.
  • Bike helmet* while riding. Must be specifically approved for biking.

Required Per Team

  • Hydration system/capacity, 30 oz. or greater (water bottles are acceptable)
  • Mobile phone, fully charged, powered off and sealed in waterproof or double-zip-locked bag
  • Pencil

$5 for charity challenge not required, but will likely help you conquer the challenge.
* If you choose to only do the on-foot section of the race (about half of the race), you are not required to bring a bike or wear a bike helmet.


  • Rear bike light
  • First aid kit
  • $5 for the charity challenge
  • Compass (base plate or sighting type)
  • suunto-a-10-compass 150wWaterproof map case or doubled-up ziplock baggies
  • Contact paper or clear tape to waterproof your instruction sheet and map (e.g., at Meijer in household goods). Maps can easily shred from sweat or rain/mud)
  • Water-resistant jacket (a cold driving rain can quickly cause hypothermia)
  • Long pants, tights, long-sleeved shirt (weather-dependent)
  • Synthetic, wicking shirt
  • Emergency/space/mylar blanket – full size, metallic style, $2-$3 each at Meijer, outdoor/camping store or online (required for winter and cold-weather races)mylar blanket
  • $5-10 cash for emergency purchases
  • Trail running shoes
  • Wicking/tech socks
  • Sun protection: hat, sunglasses, sunblock
  • Bug spray
  • Zip ties, duct tape for quick fixes
  • Food (energy gel, bars, etc.)
  • Bike repair parts: spare tire, tire pump, tire levers, allen key set, chain repair tool
  • Bike shorts
  • Bike gloves
  • Bike locks. We’ve never had a bike stolen during the race. That said, feel free to bring a lock for the potential instance where you will leave your bike to venture out of its sight. Definitely hide your bike out of site from vehicles driving by. Where you leave your bike to do a major orienteering section we will have volunteers to watch your bikes and bike gear.

Bill & Paul’s is offering a 10% discount up until the day of the race on the following with proof of registration: hydration products, trail footwear and socks, compasses/navigation tools, fitness watches (except Freestyle or Timex), headlights, nutrition, and paddlesport clothing.

Prohibited Gear

GPS that allows you to determine your location on a map is not allowed. A GPS watch is ok, but only to check your route after the race.

Maps other than those provided by the race organization

Communication devices other than powered off mobile phone

Motorized means of transport

Sherpas, pack mules, llamas, yetis or other living transport options