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On a per-hour basis, and factoring in the lunch and shirt, the Michigan Adventure Race is one of the least expensive races of any kind in Michigan.

Early (through 11/19/17): $69 per person, 2- or 3-person teams, with lunch and 1/4 zip, pint or buff

Regular (11/20/17-1/21/18): $75 per person, 2- or 3-person teams, with lunch and 1/4 zip, pint or buff

Late (1/22/17-1/24/17): $80 per person, 2 or 3-person teams, with lunch and pint or buff (1/4 zip NOT available)

Family rate: Once a family pays for their first child 14-18, all other children in the family can race for FREE. Kids under 14 are free. If all your kids are under 14, sign up as a two-person team with “family” behind your last name and contact us. We will refund the entry fee for kids under 14. Shirt ($15) and lunch ($5) are extra if desired. Pay for those on the main BikeReg registration page, under the team lines. Single parents contact us as well and we’ll arrange a special fee. By signing the online waiver, you are signing it for all your children under 18.

If you are serving or have served in the military, email us years and location of service for a discount code.

You will register for yourself. BikeReg will email your teammates once you provide their email address. Your teammate(s) will complete their own registrations. We will no longer need or require paper waivers.
Click on the BikeReg logo to register. We recommend establishing a BikeReg account for future races. If you need to make a change and don’t have the account information, you can change registration information here.




You may swap in a teammate right up until the day before the race at NO CHARGE using the BikeReg registration system. You must contact us if you are transferring after registration closes.

If you cancel up until registration closes, you may defer your “base” race entry fee to next year’s race – or any of our eight races each year – minus a $20 administration fee per person. If it’s race week and your shirts have already been purchased, their cost will also be subtracted. You may still pick them up at check-in. We do not provide credits for cancellations after registration closes (usually the two days leading up to the race).

Full refunds are available in the case of a death in the family or military duty.

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