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This race is all about fun, so hopefully we don’t have to give you a time out. If you are naughty, we’ll subtract one or more checkpoints from your total. We reserve the right to apply additional penalties for infractions.

Competing in an urban race can be dangerous. Racers must obey the rules of the road and only cross roads when they have the green light. We have made every attempt to route the course away from heavily congested areas, especially during the bike portion of the race.

Note that these races may be banned if reckless running and biking is not reduced per City of Grand Rapids warning. So another reason to obey traffic laws, bike closer to the side of the road, and stop risking your life for the sake of a few seconds!

Your instruction sheet and map will indicate which roads are off limits.

If you are missing any mandatory gear, you will be assessed a penalty of one CP. We plan to check mandatory gear during the race.

You must stay within 100 feet of your teammate at all times. You may not split up and go for separate CPs. Other teams will obviously see what you are doing and have a right to take you down and give you a wedgie so big that they can hook your undies to a lightpole. Capiche?

You must wear an approved bike helmet whenever you are on the bike.

If another team is in need of help due to an injury or mechanical breakdown, please stop and help. We’ll give you lots of warm fuzzies for being a good samaritan and maybe a small raffle prize if you went well beyond the call of duty.

The race is a go rain or shine. In the case of lightning, blizzard, tornado or swarm of locusts, the race will be postponed. If there is lightning during the race, please seek appropriate shelter until it passes. It’s not worth it to risk your life for a silly race!

In the spirit of adventure racing, we are not allowing GPS-enabled applications on your phone, watches, etc. We can’t police this unless we banned phones completely, and we will never do that because phones are critical to getting help quickly in an emergency. It’s the honor system. Anyways, if you choose to break the rule and fiddle with GPS, other teams will be blowing right by you as they use their pre-marked maps.

Age limit
Racers must be at least 14 years old (10-12 for the winter race) unless a exception is approved by the race director. Racers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and have a parent or guardian sign the waiver/consent form.

Cut-off Time
The cut-off time will be strictly enforced. Teams finishing after the cut-off time will have checkpoints subtracted from their score and eventually will not be counted in the standings… but we’ll see if we can get you a deal on a new watch from Gazelle Sports. See each race update for specific penalties.

If you lose your passport, you must return to the start for a replacement and re-punch the checkpoints. Bummer. Teams finishing without a passport will still be cheered, but not listed in the final standings. Racers that turn in a passport with illegible punches will not receive credit for those punches. Put your name and mobile number on your passport and someone likely will find it and call you. Unless they are a jerk.

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