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Registration for the 2018 Caberfae/Epic Edition is expected to open in January or February 2018. Working on permits with the U.S. Forest Service.

You may race in one of eight divisions. Register your entire team under one registration.

  • Solo: females, males
  • Two-person: co-ed, females, males
  • Three- and four-person co-ed, females, males

Why the Price Increase for the 6-8 Hour Race?
The price of the race is the same as last year’s race at Caberfael. You get two extra hours of racing compared to our normal 6-hour race and an amazing post-race meal instead of pizza slices. This is what we trade Caberfae for use of their facilities (there are no other facilities like this in the area). We are covering 25% of the cost of the banquet (your portion is included in the entry fee).

6-8 Hours
Entry fee includes banquet with wedding-quality buffet, share of canoe, paddle, life vest, tech shirt, $1,000+ of top finisher and raffle prizes, navigation clinic

Early (through 4/30)
$89 per person

Regular (5/1-7/20)
$99 per person

Late (7/21-7/26)
$99 per person, pint or buff instead of shirt (even if the registration asks for your shirt size)

Family rate (6-8 hour only): Although the race is designed for adults and older kids, kids 13 and under race free with any two-person adult entry with at least one parent/guardian. If desired, add shirt for $15 per kid and/or buffet for $20 (at cost) per child using the Contact Us form on the race site and we’ll send you a link for payment. Sign up everyone 14 and above on your team and add in younger kids’ first names with yours and the word “family” behind your last name. You’ll sign waivers for your kids at check-in.

18-20 Hours (no solos)
Entry fee includes banquet with wedding-quality buffet, $10 North American Adventure Racing Series license, tech shirt, $1,000+ of top finisher and raffle prizes, navigation clinic, canoe, paddle and life vest rental. Most quality overnight races range from $250-275.

All teams must use provided canoes due to complicated logistics of an overnight race. Three-person teams will use one canoe with the third person in the middle (on provided cushion). Email me with questions.

Early (through 4/30)
$225 per person

Regular (5/1-7/20)
$240 per person

Late (7/21-7/26)
$240 per person, pint or buff instead of shirt (even if the registration asks for your shirt size)

If you are serving or have served in the military, email us dates and location of service for a 10% off discount code. Include how many people are on your team so I can create appropriate code.

Here’s what you need to register.

  • Team name
  • Credit card. Sorry, online only. Wish we could avoid the fees, but it’s the only way we can pull this off. Payment will be for the team.
  • Race shirt size for you and all teammates (women’s cut/size available)
  • Contact information, emergency contacts, and any pertinent medical information for you and teammate.
  • Age Limits: Racers generally must be at least 14 years old and race with a parent up until age 18. Parents may contact us if you would like us to consider an exception to this rule.


If you cancel up until the Sunday at midnight before the race, you may defer 100% of your race entry fee and shirt fee to next year’s race (or any of our six races) minus a $15 administrative fee. When you are ready to register for your next race, we will provide you a discount code for your entry fee (based on this year’s entry fee, not including registration fee).

Full refunds are available in the case of a death in the family or military duty.

You may swap in a teammate right up until the day before the race at no cost. Use the transfer feature when you sign on to your BikeReg account.

Late Cancellations
If you decide the week of the race that you will not be racing and you ordered a shirt, you or a friend MUST pick up your shirt at check-in or we reserve the right to use it to fill shortages or give to volunteers. We cannot possibly know how many shirts to save for people who do not show up.

Email Mark VanTongeren, race director, if you need help.

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