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20-Hour Race Update #3

Race Update #3 for 20-Hour

For teams who registered in June or July, there was a little short in the registration system’s flux capacitor and the non-registering teammate(s) emails dropped off or were never requested. If you replied to my email from yesterday, your teammates are now on this email list. Others are not so please forward this on to your team if you received an email about this issue yesterday but did not reply back to me yet. No one else should be affected.

Gear Bags for TA 2 and 4
You may use a bin for your team instead of a duffel bag. 20 gallon for two people seems more than sufficient. 25-30 gallon for 3-person. Duffel bags pack easier for us but I now have a trailer so we have room for bins. Please limit fluids in your bags to 40 oz. per person. Put your team number on it. Duct tape or paper with packing tape or similar. There is water at TA 2 and 4 as well as coolers (water and very likely some Gatorade) at TA 3 and TA 5 that should not run out but can’t 100% guarantee it with no water sources there and limited volunteers for getting refills. Make sure you top off at TA 4. Never a bad idea to pack iodine tablets or a filter just in case as there are several creeks and rivers nearby. And Lake Michigan if you make a wrong turn at Albuquerque (sorry, old Bugs Bunny joke for us old-timers).

Please do not pack your paddle bags with additional non-paddle gear. Paddle bags are for paddles and paddle gear only, thus the name.

The canoe livery will NOT have extra kayak paddles if you prefer those to canoe paddles. This is a busy summer weekend and those kayak paddles are all reserved. You will need to bring your own if you want kayak paddles (and life vest if you desire) and the livery will make sure they are at the put-in. Please put your team number on them. No need for them to be in a bag unless that helps you with the team number.

We will have seat cushions for the middle seat people if you are not bringing your own seat.

Optional/Mandatory CPs
Contrary to what the last update said (written for the 8 hour race and I forgot to change for 20 hours), some CPs are mandatory in the first half of the race to keep teams from skipping entire sections and getting ahead of volunteers. I can’t imagine why you would want to do this, but we want to make sure it isn’t done. The percentage of mandatory CPs is at or below 50% of the total CPs in these early sections (honestly, if you are at and finish at the back up the pack but were unable to find enough mandatory CPs, I reserve the right to waive that requirement so you can be declared a finisher. 🙂

Transporting Bikes
We will NOT be transporting bikes during this race. You will be returning to your bike eventually after completing trekking and/or paddling sections.

Night Orienteering
Here’s a lesson I wrote on night orienteering (with bits of help from various forums) if you are looking for tips. I believe I have designed the night sections (two trekking sections) to be pretty straightforward but obviously everything is more difficult in the dark. To be honest, the navigation in this race is all fairly straightforward. There’s just too much distance in the race (to reach the awesome terrain) to be adding lots of difficulty to the navigation. I expect to add more challenging navigation at Caberfae next year (June 9 I think, unless we shift to Silver Lake) and at Hastings/Yankee Springs (early to mid August, overnight).

Bike Lights
Don’t forget to get your bike lights and headlamp charged and give them a test-run to make sure they are giving you good light throughout the night. Along with a helmet and phone, you must have these to start the race. Your rear light should be on and flashing whenever you are biking, day or night. Please turn it off during trek and paddle sections to conserve battery. Teammates please remind each other to turn it back on. You will be on gravel most of the race but there is one possible route on pavement (not a major road) where it’s extra important to be seen (very few vehicles travel this stretch but it only takes one). Bright clothes also recommended.

CP Locations
Generally if a CP circle is shifted slightly to one side of a road, the CP will be on that side. Sometimes I notice that the flag will be too obvious and to minimize chance of theft, I may move it to the other side of the road or hang it lower on a tree (or zip tie in). I will try to note all these exceptions. It will be within 50 meters of where the circle is. In almost all cases, it should be within 10 meters.

Plan on one more update with team number, final team list and final instructions. Please stay away from hover boards (which don’t hover), sharp knives, etc. this week. 🙂

Less than a week!


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