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Required Gear

Per Person

  • Bicycle. Any standard road, mountain, cyclocross or hybrid bike is allowed (no tandems). There will be a relatively short intermediate/advanced level singletrack trail in which only mountain bikes or other bikes with 38 mm wide tires will be allowed (or veteran riders with smaller cyclocross tires but you must contact us). You CAN run this trail. Or just skip this trail and miss out on a small number of checkpoints. West MI Bike & Fitness (Kentwood store only, talk to Evert III) may have a few bikes available for rental for $45 each. Reserve now if you need one.
  • Bike helmet (must be specifically approved for biking)
  • 40 oz. of water or energy drink (in a Camelbak-type hydration pack* or waist belt preferred). EACH TEAMMATE MUST CARRY THEIR OWN WATER/SPORTS DRINK and you must have this capacity during all legs of the race (if you are using water bottles on the bike to get to this capacity, you must maintain that capacity on non-bike legs
  • Pants/tights and water-resistant jacket ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED. We recommend that you bring a water-resistant jacket if temperatures are cool. We reserve the right to require it in the case of unseasonably cold temperatures.
  • Pen/pencil and two pieces of scratch paper (for work on challenges)

Per Team

  • Compass (baseplate or sighting type for basic orienteering; learn how to use with our Navigation 101 presentation.
  • $6 cash, required to complete an optional challenge.
  • Mobile phone, fully charged and sealed in ziplock or waterproof bag
  • Waterproof map case or doubled-up ziplock baggies for map. The map is not waterproof (the passport is). You may wish to also protect the map with contact paper/clear tape.

Suggested Gear – We recommend Gazelle Sports, West Michigan Bike & Fitness or Bill & Paul’s Sporthaus for these items. They sponsor the race so please thank them when you stop in.

  • Contact paper or clear tape to waterproof your instruction sheet and map (at Meijer in household goods)
  • First aid kit
  • Trail running shoes
  • Outdoor/athletic socks
  • Food (energy gel, bars, etc.)
  • Spare tires
  • Tire pump
  • Tire levers
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • Synthetic, wicking t-shirt
  • Bike shorts
  • Bike gloves
  • Camera

Prohibited Gear

  • Shoes with spikes (can ruin ArtPrize venue floors). Recessed cleats on bike shoes ARE allowed.
  • GPS that allows you to determine your location on a map is not allowed. A GPS watch is ok, but only to check your route after the race
  • Motorized anything
  • Sherpas, pack mules, llamas, yetis or other living transport options
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